Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu is a system steeped in history, It has stood the test of time because of its practical capabilities and depth, also  NOT relying on excessive flexibility to make it work, it is quick to learn, therefore it is ideal for beginners, men, women & children


Seven Star Praying Mantis is a highly practical style of Kung Fu founded approximately 400 years ago by its credited founder Wong Long. Its devastating low line kicking & tactics make this one of the most practical styles of kung fu around today. Its practicality makes it ideal for self protection, its versatility also allows it to be used in full or light contact matches. Classes at Nottingham are available to men, women, and children

When Wong Long created the Seven Star Mantis system he developed a superior method of boxing from the movements of the Praying Mantis, he added to this the weaponry from the Shaolin Temple which dates back over five hundred years. The principles of the style are contained in the ‘ Thirty One Key Word Formula ’, the fist fighting method is covered by the ‘ Twenty Five Fist Fighting Techniques ’ and the Eighteen Palm Techniques ’. There are thirteen leg kicking methods and eighteen principle stances. Master Lee says ‘ in our style we have many training methods, it is a complete system we don’t have to change actions or mix styles up ’ and he explains : ‘ the way of practising Kung Fu is similar to the way of solving mathematical problems, the training of the forms is the equation and the result is the reflex action gained after a long period of training, so the result is the ability to react to any situation with any technique without the process of thinking what to do.

The Seven Star Mantis practitioner fights at three levels, high, middle and low, he should dodge left while striking right and dodge right while striking left. Aim high

( fake ) while striking low, aim low while striking high, go bravely forward while watching the three levels. There is no need for defence ( beat your opponent to the punch ) if one can attack. The internal and the external should be blended together with the ‘ Five Internal Elements ’, Energy, Spirit, Respiratory Strength, Force and Power of Attainment.

The ‘ Five External Elements ’ are the Eyes, the Body, the Hands, Methods of Application and Footwork. The attacking range of techniques cover Long ( long range kicks and punches, etc ), Middle ( low kicks, vertical back fist, uppercut, close range palm strikes, etc ) and Short ( elbows, knees, joint locking, etc ). Force should be flexible and used at the correct time, awkward strength should not be used.

The Seven Star Mantis style offers a complete martial system and is perfectly at home fighting at close range with blows and grappling techniques or at long range out kicking and punching one’s adversary. For conditioning , the style has the Wooden Man training, Sand Bag training and the Iron Sand Palm training. Correct application of Chinese Herbal Liniments are required for this training.

The style, as created by Wong Long, incorporated the best elements of the Shaolin Temple Boxing systems with the hand movements of the Praying Mantis and the foot work of the Monkey. Wong Long created a system which has stood the test of time, through warfare and political strife and for personal protection. The Masters of the past have handed down a system refined throughout the ages into today’s society, the Seven Star Mantis style has now spread to many countries fulfilling their wishes. The style offers the practitioner an excellent method of self defence and heath building and is very practicable in today’s modern world.