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With over 25 years of experience and teaching

The Kung Fu School - est 1990

The Kung Fu School - est  1990 The Kung Fu School - est  1990 The Kung Fu School - est  1990
Nottingham Kung Fu and Lion Dance have been teaching & promoting traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Lion Dance for over 25 years and is the Nottingham branch of the International Taijiquan & Shaolin Wushu Association
All classes are taught by sifu Andy Riley who is Ninth Generation Successor Closed Door Disciple of Master Derek Frearson (ITSWA President) in Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu
Sifu Riley still trains with his teacher regularly as well as his sigung Grand Master Lee Kam Wing when possible
All classes are suitable for beginners and advanced students, with Thursday beginners classes suitable for youngsters from 14 years of age with no upper age limit
for information regarding classes or to book a lion dance please contact or contact 07737705464

new classes starting in feb 2019, see events page further down for details

Seven Star Praying Mantis

We are a school in Nottingham UK teaching traditional Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu as taught by Grand Master Lee Kam Wing Our style is suitable for all ages, different shapes and sizes, and does not rely on brute strength and flexibility, this makes it highly effective for self defence and personal protection. All classes are open to beginners from age 16 with dedicated beginners classes running weekly

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Lion Dance Performance

Here at Nottingham we have a strong lion dance team who perform both here in Nottingham as well as throughout the Uk. PLEASE SEE THE GALLERY PICS OF OUR TEAM AND PERFORMANCES We can provide a performance for your occasion whatever it is with our quality lions. The team are all experienced performers and perform in professional uniform to add that special look and feel. For further enquiries or to book a performance please see contact details. Please enquire early in the first instance as we perform all year round with our busiest time being Chinese New Year

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Yang Tai Chi

Weekly classes now at St. Leonards Community Centre 4 Bramcote Lane, Wollaton, Nottingham NG8 2ND 7.30pm - 8.30pm (pm to reserve your place) Click "learn more" below to see flyer Tai Chi not only is great for self defence but is also an ideal stress buster. Here at Nottingham you can learn the Yang Family Tai Chi, Tai Chi Straight Sword, Sabre, Tai Chi Fan, Push Hands and lots of Chi Kung to keep you in tip top health See Events Page below about our new classes starting Feb 2019 in Cossall

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New classes in both Tai Chi and Mantis starting Feb 2019

just scroll down to events section below for more details - Private lessons also available, PM to arrange

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  • Tuesday 7.30pm - 8.30pm Yang Tai Chi @ St Leonards Community Centre, Bramcote Lane, Wollaton, NG8 2ND - Thursday 7.30pm - 9pm Praying Mantis Kung Fu @ Mellish Centre, Kemmel Rd, Nottingham NG6 9FH all levels
  • 07737705464
  • CLASS TIMES Tuesday - Tai Chi 7.30pm - 8.30pm @ Wollaton, all levels Thursday 7.30pm - 9.00pm Mantis Kung Fu @ Bulwell, beginners welcome Lion dance & weapon classes are usually last Friday of the month 7pm - 8.30pm in the studio at Mellish Centre

Chinese New Year 2018 is Feb 16th -Year of The Dog

Lion Dancing

Lion Dancing Lion Dancing Lion Dancing
 History of the Lion Dance  (performance enquiries) 07737705464

For Chinese people the lion is a holy animal. That is why lion play an important part in Chinese mythology. In China lions and people can be friends. An old Chinese story tells about a lion, lion dances and New Year
A long time ago a strange creature appeared in China and horrified and ate men and animals. The fast and fierce creature was called 'nien' (or 'nian'), which sounds like the Chinese word for 'year'. Neither the fox nor the tiger could fight the 'nien' effectively and in despair the people asked the lion for help. The lion shook his mane, rushed towards the creature and wounded it. The nien hurried away with the tail between its legs. But it announced to return for taking revenge. A year later the nien did return. This time the lion couldn't help the people. He was too busy with guarding the emperor's gate. So the villagers decided to do the job themselves. Out of bamboo and cloth they produced an image of the lion. Two men crawled inside it and approached the nien. The 'lion' pranced and roared and the monster fled away again. This is the reason why on the eve of the Chinese New Year, lions always dance. They are frightening evil away for yet another year

Bringing luck and happiness

The lion dance is an important tradition in China. Usually the dance is part of festivities like Chinese New Year, the openings of restaurants and weddings. If well-performed, the lion dance is believed to bring luck and happiness.

Although lions are not native in China, they came to this country via the famous Silk Road. Rulers in what is today Iran and Afghanistan sent lions to Chinese emperors as gifts in order to get the right to trade with Silk Road merchants. The lion dance dates back to the Han Dynasty (205 B.C. to 220 A.D in China) and during the Tang Dynasty (716-907 A.D.) it was at its peak. It was particularly performed during religious festivals. The lion dance was not only introduced in China, but also in Korea and Taiwan, where lions are not native as well. The dances are not exactly the same in these countries, but the symbolism is quite similar.


Lineage Lineage
Wong Long - Founder
* Sing Sil
* Lee San Chine
* Wong Wing Sang
* Fan Yuk Tung
* Low Kwang Yu
* Chiu Chi Man
* Lee Kam Wing (Hong Kong)
 United Kingdom
Sifu, Derek Frearson    
Disciple of Grand Master Lee)

Andy Riley
9th Generation Closed - Door Disciple of Master Derek Frearson - ITSWA president


Adults, beginners Tai Chi Starting Wed Feb 27th 2019

Tai Chi is based on Slow gentle movement which help bring the body in to a state of harmony and balance which is suitable for adults, men and women ANY age. Incorporating Tai Chi in to your lifestyle can help alleviate many common ailments which Tai Chi is popular for as well as providing a feeling of increased energy, removing stress and negativity while providing and offering a healthy outlook which may include lifestyle changes OR just supplementing your existing routine. The beginners class will run weekly from its inception on Wednesday 27th February at 6.30pm - 7.30pm 2019 at just £5 per session As with our already popular Wollaton classes PLACES ARE LIMITED SO PLEASE RESERVE YOURS QUICKLY at Please see the link for Trinity Farm on the more information page, there is also safe on site parking You can see opposite some pictures from our established Wollaton group

  • Date: 02/27/2019 06:30 PM
  • Location: Awsworth Ln, Awsworth, Nottingham NG16 2RZ, UK (Map)

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Moon Festival Monday September 24th  - Just click the link below to find out more!

Spring Festival/Chinese New Year

Buddhas Birthday

Other Festivals & Holidays​​​